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One Day I’ll Graduate to a Shot Of Tequila and a Strip Of Duct Tape

California blonde: Ohmigod, I wonder what their waxing is like in France?
California brunette: I dunno… I once waxed it all off, though.
California blonde: Really? How? I’ve only waxed my bikini line.
California brunette: I’d just had three glasses of wine and one of those waxing pots, because my dad’s a hairdresser.


Overheard by: Freedom Waxing!

It’s Time to Play How Long ‘Til His Head Explodes!

French metrosexual, holding up iPhone: It’s from Madame Butterfly. You know it?
French bike cop: Yeah, I saw the American movie of it. With that one homosexual actor. Robbie… Robin…
British dinner guest: Robbie Williams?
American dinner guest: Robin Williams? Wait, he’s not gay…
French bike cop: Yes. Him.
British dinner guest: That was Mrs Doubtfire.
American dinner guest: It’s called Papillon in the US.
French metrosexual: What?


You’re Too Kind, Madame

Little girl, in Arabic, as she sits in the train: Smells like cotton candy!
Mother, in French: Yeah, you’re right, it smells like cotton candy. (to grandmother) Don’t you think it smells like cotton candy?
Young black woman, sitting in the next row, smiling: It’s me. It’s my perfume.
Mother: Really?! What is it?
Young black woman: Vanilla and cotton candy.
Mother: Really? My girl told me it smells like the amusement park. At first I thought it was the cleaning product they used to wash the train floor. (pause) It smells really good.

C Train

Overheard by: BBM Tm