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A Bright, White Light, on the Other Hand…

Gamer dude: … and the game comes with like, real guns.
Wannabe goth chick: They’re actual guns?
Gamer dude: Well like, real models. And it comes with this mirror that lets you see yourself and like, shows what you look like if you get shot in the face.
Wannabe goth chick: That’s nice. That’s not something you would normally get to see if you got shot in the face. UAB
Birmingham, Alabama Overheard by: Kitty-Jack

How Many Tons Of Vomit Does Disney World Produce a Year? Show Your Work.

20-something guy in the middle of a group: Guys, guys. I've got big news.
(group quiets down)
20-something guy: I just got a text from Ross. It says “Let's put it this way: they've stopped the ride, are cleaning up my vomit, and I'm leaving in a wheelchair. Spaceship Earth.”
(group cheers) Disney World
Orlando, Florida