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We Re­spect That You Did­n’t Take the Easy Route with “Robert Downey Jr.”

Girl: “Poke­mon Sta­di­um,” is just stu­pid. If the oth­er Poke­mon does some con­fu­sion at­tack, you just end up slap­ping your­self or some shit. No one gets so con­fused they hurt them­selves!
Boy: Tell that to Dan­ny Bona­duce.

Worces­ter, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: Katie

A Bright, White Light, on the Oth­er Hand…

Gamer dude: … and the game comes with like, re­al guns.
Wannabe goth chick: They’re ac­tu­al guns?
Gamer dude: Well like, re­al mod­els. And it comes with this mir­ror that lets you see your­self and like, shows what you look like if you get shot in the face.
Wannabe goth chick: That’s nice. That’s not some­thing you would nor­mal­ly get to see if you got shot in the face.

Birm­ing­ham, Al­aba­ma

Over­heard by: Kit­ty-Jack