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A Bright, White Light, on the Oth­er Hand…

Gamer dude: … and the game comes with like, re­al guns.
Wannabe goth chick: They’re ac­tu­al guns?
Gamer dude: Well like, re­al mod­els. And it comes with this mir­ror that lets you see your­self and like, shows what you look like if you get shot in the face.
Wannabe goth chick: That’s nice. That’s not some­thing you would nor­mal­ly get to see if you got shot in the face.

Birm­ing­ham, Al­aba­ma

Over­heard by: Kit­ty-Jack

It’s Not Gay If I’m the Boomer

(around a D&D ta­ble)
Boom: Boom the Bar­bar­ian is go­ing to swing his sword.
Walk-in kid: Dude, your char­ac­ter sheet says he’s a fight­er.
Boom: Yeah. But his name is Boom the Bar­bar­ian.
Walk-in kid: That’s gay.
Boom: It won’t be gay when I boom all over your face.
Open­ly gay DM: Ac­tu­al­ly, it would.

Gam­ing Cen­ter
Grand Rapids, Michi­gan

How Many Tons Of Vom­it Does Dis­ney World Pro­duce a Year? Show Your Work.

20-some­thing guy in the mid­dle of a group: Guys, guys. I’ve got big news.
(group qui­ets down)
20-some­thing guy: I just got a text from Ross. It says “Let’s put it this way: they’ve stopped the ride, are clean­ing up my vom­it, and I’m leav­ing in a wheel­chair. Space­ship Earth.”
(group cheers)

Dis­ney World
Or­lan­do, Flori­da