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That’s for Church

Four-year-old boy to group of moth­ers: Guess what!
Group: What?
Four-year-old boy, ex­cit­ed: I just peed stand­ing up!
Boy’s fa­ther: That’s not some­thing we tell peo­ple!

Chil­dren’s Room, Ka­ton­ah Li­brary
Ka­ton­ah, New York

Over­heard by: amused li­brar­i­an

We Thought On­ly Amer­i­cans Knew This Lit­tle About Sex Ed.

[Line for ladies’ room]Girl #1: Hi, do you mind if I cut in front of you? It’s ur­gent.
Girl #2: Sure.
Girl #1: Thanks, I have to change my tam­pon.
Girl #2: [Blank stare.]Girl #1: I have to make sure I change it of­ten. Not too of­ten, be­cause once I changed it too much and got chlamy­dia.
Girl #2: Oh…[Suppresses laugh.]

West­ern Aus­tralia