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North Americans Should Feel Grateful for Their Relatively Untroubled History

Girl #1: Oh, are you talking about the skinny little Indian guy?
Girl #2: He's not Indian, he's Burmese.
Girl #1: Huh? You're talking about the skinny Indian guy, right?
Girl #2: Yes, but he's not Indian. He's Burmese. Like from Burma.
Girl #1: Well, who cares? Indian and Burmese are the same thing! That's like saying that Canadians and Americans are different! That's BS! They're not. They're the same thing, except that Canadians are inferior because they play hockey. Kuala Lumpur

…Which Is a Great Lead-In to My Lecture on Gonorrhea

Blonde girl: I hate horror movies, because then I get scared that those things are going to happen, cause they really do happen.
Teacher: You can't live your life like that! Those things are really rare! Like, I've been in all sorts of sketchy situations, and I'm still here.
Guy: You're just too sheltered.
Teacher: Like, when I was in Rwanda, this guy was giving us a ride and he was like “do you want to stay overnight at my house?” and we were like “okay,” and I immediately regretted that one… Toronto