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You’d Think There’d Be a Train

Canadian girl #1 to tour operator: Where can we do tours of Auschwitz?
Tour operator: Um, well, Auschwitz is in Poland, so…
Canadian girl #2: No, but we mean the one the Germans set up for the war. The German one.
Tour operator: Yes, I understand, but they set it up in Poland.
Canadian girl #1, after pause: Are you sure? We came to Berlin just to see it.


Overheard by: Jit

…But I Haven’t Seen a Starbucks for Miles!

American tourist: It’s so quaint here. All the pretty houses. It’s so romantic.
German host: Uh-huh.
American tourist: What I don’t get, though, is why they built it if they don’t even charge money for people visiting it.
German host: I think the people living here would feel weird about that.
American woman: Wait, people actually live here??