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All That Talk of Stakes…

High school girl #1: That guy in front of us is pret­ty hot.
High school girl #2: I thought that, too, un­til I re­al­ized he was touch­ing him­self dur­ing the play.
High school girl #1: What?!
High school girl #2: Yeah. I guess the Salem Witch Tri­als turn him on.

In­ter­mis­sion of The Cru­cible
Nashville, Ten­nessee

Over­heard by: the dude was a fresh­man.

The Rab­bi Is Huge

Chick: Wow, you’re ra­di­at­ing!
Sun­burned girl: Yeah, that’s the sun­burn. Oh, and the fact that I get re­al­ly horny dur­ing ex­ams, and all I can think about is bon­ing… C’­mon, you know you all do it.
Chick: Yeah, I go to syn­a­gogue for that.