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Which Is Al­so What I Wrote for My Es­say About the Stat­ue Of Lib­er­ty

High school girl, rant­i­ng to friend about bi­ol­o­gy class: It’s *so* annoying…I hate evo­lu­tion! He goes all in­to the *de­sign­ing* of a cell and I’m like “God cre­at­ed it and that’s all we need to know.” We don’t have to go all hi-def in­to it!

Lan­cast­er Men­non­ite HIgh School
Lan­cast­er, Penn­syl­va­nia

And Why Do I Con­tin­ue to Have Un­sat­is­fy­ing Sex with the TA?

Pro­fes­sor: See, hu­mans have what Aris­to­tle calls “ra­tio­nal souls,” mean­ing we use in­tel­lect. Hu­mans ask ques­tions that oth­er liv­ing things can’t, like “what is god? What is the di­vine prob­lem? Where are my Nunchuks? Where did I leave them?”

Phi­los­o­phy Class, UC
San­ta Bar­bara, Cal­i­for­nia