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You Could Fin­ish It for Your 100th Birth­day

Girl­friend: Have you ever touched an­oth­er man’s armpit hair?
Boyfriend: No.
Girl­friend: Well, yours are re­al­ly gossamer‑y. If you shaved them off, you could weave a lit­tle swatch of, like, satin… And then you could make a quilt!
Boyfriend: Or a patch­work jack­et!

Yp­si­lan­ti, Michi­gan

Tonight on Lo­go

Guy with girl #1, yelling: Oh, hey! How’s it go­ing? I love your hair­cut!
Guy with girl #2, walk­ing in op­po­site di­rec­tion: Thank you.
Guy #1: Thank you!
Guy #2: You’re wel­come.
Guy #1: I love you!
Guy #2: I love you, too.

Olympia, Wash­ing­ton