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Or the Word “Dyke” Ever Again

Teacher: So, for the fi­nal sen­tence we should get some sort of metaphor for tax cuts help­ing the US re­ces­sion.
Stu­dent #1: Hmm… Hey, you know like, the com­mer­cial where they put gum in the hole in the dam to stop the leak?.
Stu­dent #2: Or the fin­ger!
Teacher: Oh, you mean in the dyke!
Stu­dent #1: Yeah, so… Tax cuts would be the fin­ger in the hole of Amer­i­ca’s dyke?
Teacher: Maybe we should­n’t use a metaphor.

Eng­lish Es­sen­tials Class
Waimea, Hawaii

Over­heard by: boehm­face

Homie Al­so Has a Hard Time on Armed Forces Ca­reer Day

Flam­boy­ant, very white math teacher: Al­right, we have a test on Tu­u­u­use­day, which is al­so, guess what, the blood dri­ve! So don’t do­nate blood be­fore the test and please, please, do not do­nate blood dur­ing the test. You’ll be writ­ing with one arm and bleed­ing with the oth­er, and then you’ll get paler and paler… and keel over and die. Homie can’t fly that. Homie can’t.

Math Class­room