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Well the Eye Shad­ow Would Look Sil­ly with­out It

Hip­ster girl: Why won’t you take my last name when we get mar­ried? It would be re­al­ly pro­gres­sive of you…
Hip­ster guy: No, it would­n’t! It would be emas­cu­lat­ing!
Hip­ster girl: Emas­cu­lat­ing? Like how?
Hip­ster guy: Like me wear­ing a dress…
Hip­ster girl: But you al­ready do that!

Philadel­phia, Penn­syl­va­nia

And Get That Han­nah Mon­tana Ring­tone I’ve Been Want­i­ng

Hip­ster boy: So, are you do­ing that post-bac pre-med thing?
Hip­ster girl: I dunno…I don’t re­al­ly know what I wan­na do.
Hip­ster boy: Re­al­ly, you don’t wan­na do med­i­cine any­more?
Hip­ster girl: I dun­no, I wish I could like, win the lot­tery. Then I’d go to like, Ghana, and just save peo­ple.

NYU El­e­va­tor