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Well the Eye Shadow Would Look Silly without It

Hipster girl: Why won’t you take my last name when we get married? It would be really progressive of you…
Hipster guy: No, it wouldn’t! It would be emasculating!
Hipster girl: Emasculating? Like how?
Hipster guy: Like me wearing a dress…
Hipster girl: But you already do that!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

And Get That Hannah Montana Ringtone I've Been Wanting

Hipster boy: So, are you doing that post-bac pre-med thing?
Hipster girl: I dunno…I don't really know what I wanna do.
Hipster boy: Really, you don't wanna do medicine anymore?
Hipster girl: I dunno, I wish I could like, win the lottery. Then I'd go to like, Ghana, and just save people.

NYU Elevator

Can I Get a Swig?

Hobo: Girl, I know you’re a freak! All redheads are freaks!
Brunette hipster pumping gas: Step off. What I do is none of your business.
Hobo: Lady, I’m just talking shit ’cause I’m drunk.
Brunette hipster: Me, too.

Kansas City, Missouri

Overheard by: cuspy

Best Tofu, Though

Whiny girl: Oh my god, that chicken is terrible!
Hipster chick: That’s because it’s tofu.
Whiny girl: Yeah, worst chicken ever.

Overheard by: sarafist