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Feared I Might In­ad­ver­tent­ly Be­come a Les­bian

Girl #1: I know for a fact this year is go­ing to be way bet­ter than last year.
Girl #2: Why’s that?
Girl #1: Be­cause this year I ac­tu­al­ly have de­sign­er clothes. Last year I didn?t have any, and I was so un­hap­py!

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Or, As Much So As Dan­ny De­Vi­to and Arnold Schwarzeneg­ger

Guy: My sis­ter and I are twins, but I was born first.
Woman #1: Do you mean you just came out first?
Guy: Well, see, what hap­pened was I am two years old­er than my sis­ter. [Every­one stares at each other.]Woman #2: … So you and your sis­ter are twins, but she is two years younger?
Guy: Oh, wait, I’m get­ting con­fused with an­oth­er fam­i­ly sto­ry. I am two years old­er than my sis­ter, but I’m pret­ty sure we’re not twins, ei­ther.

900 West Val­ley Road
Wayne, Penn­syl­va­nia

This Is Our Read­er­ship?

Guy #1: Ha­ha­ha!
Guy #2: What? What’s so fun­ny?
Guy #1: Did­n’t you see that?
Guy #2: See what?
Guy #1: Turd cov­ered with flies!
Both guys: Ha­ha­ha!

Capi­tol Hill
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

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