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Mir­ror, Mir­ror on the Hill/ Who’s the Slut­ti­est at McGill?

Girl #1: You are def­i­nite­ly slut­ti­er than I am!
Girl #2: No way. You are!
Girl #1: You are sleep­ing with two guys!
Girl #2: You sleep with guys and don’t call them back…ever.
Girl #1: Is that slut­ty?–800-big-slut/

Over­heard by: cy­bertheque

I Was Like, “Sor­ry, I’m Try­ing to Cut Down”

Skin­ny guy: He’s com­ing to the par­ty tonight? Was­n’t he hit­ting on your girl­friend last time?
Big burly beard­ed guy: No, she texted me last night. She talked to his room­mate: turns out he was­n’t invit­ing her to a three­some ’cause he likes her. He was invit­ing us to a four­some ’cause he likes me.


You’d Rather Be Cheat­ed on with Some­one Ug­ly?

Hot girl: So when I fi­nal­ly met the girl he cheat­ed on me with, I was in shock, be­cause she was about a thou­sand times hot­ter than she looked on the pic­ture I found.
Guy friend: Yeah. Well, some peo­ple are just not pho­to­genic.
Hot girl: No, you don’t un­der­stand! She’s like su­per­mod­el hot, he had like no choice, even I would have fucked that Mo­roc­can bitch right then and there.
Guy friend: That’s so hot.
Hot girl: Life is not fair.


Hard to Imag­ine You Two Have Time to Read

(40-some­thing man was hit­ting on young clerk when his wife comes up)
Man: I hon­est­ly think man was­n’t meant to be faith­ful. We’re all so sex­u­al.
Wife: Did you for­get I was here?
Man: I’ll be in the car in a sec­ond.
(she leaves store)
Man, af­ter look­ing back at clerk: Please. She loves get­ting pimped out to my friends.

Ocala, Flori­da