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Huh? Can't Talk. Masturbating

Professor, on last day of sex addiction class: I'm putting a website on the board for anyone who's interested in more information on how to become a certified sex addict.
(entire class cheers)
Professor: I meant “sex addiction therapist.”
Student to another: He just spent a whole semester telling us that sex addiction isn't fun. Clearly we didn't catch on.

Chestnut Hill College
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Musky Petals Often Considers Changing Her Name

20-something girl #1: So she's dating him and has spent the night at his place, but he's still in the middle of a divorce.
20-something girl #2: …and she doesn't know his last name?
20-something girl #1: Yep.
20-something girl #2: And he's her boss.
20-something girl #1: Yep. I told her to google him or look at his business card.
20-something girl #2: I don't understand any of this. I've never googled myself, actually. Have you?
20-something girl #1: Yeah, you should try it! It makes you feel famous.
20-something girl #2, to herself: All that came up when I did it was porn.

Northbound Caltrain
San Francisco, California

Overheard by: A Cheek