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Actually, They’re Only Perfect If She Blows

Blonde: Even though he had already made a trail of hickies around my neck, he was apparently still in the sucking mood, because then he stole my lollipop!
Friend: That’s so not cool. He’s such a suck-o-holic!
Blonde: Seriously! I’m beginning to think there isn’t anything he won’t suck.
Passerby: Well, then you’re perfect for each other, because I’ve heard the same thing about you.

Mt. Vernon, Iowa

Overheard by: Abby

But It Was a Planned Incarceration

Obese John Wayne wannabe: I can’t believe we are not hanging out tonight.
Gap tooth hootchie: I told you I made plans with my friends a month ago!
Obese John Wayne wannabe: Well you’re supposed to be hanging out with me. We never hang out anymore and we are boyfriend and girlfriend!
Gap tooth hootchie: We were supposed to hang out this past Saturday and Sunday but we didn’t! You were not fucking there.
Obese John Wayne wannabe: I had a change of plans!
Gap tooth hootchie: Change of plans?! Muthafucker you were in jail!

Iowa State University, Iowa

Overheard by: Casey