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Three If He Bites You

Man hold­ing nose pick­ing child: Fiv­er to hug the child! Just a fiv­er, a fiv­er to cud­dle the child!

North­ern Ire­land

Over­heard by: I’ll give you £2!

Well, I’m Sor­ry I Made You Kiss Her Feet…

New York­er, on cell to fi­ancée: Hon­ey, all set here for our wed­ding, when you com­ing over? I got both of our rings, in nine-carat gold! (ap­palled si­lence in car­riage) Yeah, your fin­ger’s gonna go green and fall off or some­thing? What the hel­l’s wrong with nine-carat gold? Hey! Of course I love you more than I love my mom! Come on! What is this about?