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That’s for Church

Four-year-old boy to group of moth­ers: Guess what!
Group: What?
Four-year-old boy, ex­cit­ed: I just peed stand­ing up!
Boy’s fa­ther: That’s not some­thing we tell peo­ple!

Chil­dren’s Room, Ka­ton­ah Li­brary
Ka­ton­ah, New York

Over­heard by: amused li­brar­i­an

What’s the Point, If We Can’t Break Stuff?

Four-year-old bal­le­ri­na #1: I need to ask my mom.
Four-year-old bal­le­ri­na #2: That’s good, be­cause my house is crap.
Pre-bal­le­ri­na: Well, it’s not crap — we just have a lot of crap in it.
Four-year-old bal­le­ri­na #1: Can I come over to your place and play?

Dance stu­dio