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A Mom Can Dream, Can’t She?

Angry mother on the bus: Come here and sit down!
Four-year-old: No, it’s okay. I’m being good.
Angry mother: This bus is going to stop suddenly and you’re going to fall down and crack your head open on one of the bars, and before the bus gets back around to the hospital you will bleed to death!

Pullman, Washington

Overheard by: jeff

Everyone Laughed at Wendy Until Her Fast-Food Franchise Took Off

Pigtailed four-year-old girl to couple behind at checkout: Do you know me? Do you?
Tired mother: Hush, honey. They don't know you.
Pigtailed four-year-old girl: Well, they should! Know me! Don't forget me.

Overheard by: that girl is going to be famous