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…So Now Joe and I Are Dat­ing.

Nine-year-old: Lo­gan al­most got a girl­friend!
Six-year-old: Re­al­ly?
Nine-year-old: Yep. Re­mem­ber Court­ney?
Six-year-old: With the glass­es?
Nine-year-old: Yeah. He asked her out on the bus, but she said no. Af­ter that, Joe was like, “I want a girl­friend,” and I was like, “yeah, I know. Me, too, bud­dy. Me, too.”

Swim­ming Pool


Lit­tle boy #1, read­ing flap on trash can: T‑H-A-N-K-Y-O‑U spells… um… Garbage!
Lit­tle boy #2, hit­ting boy #1: No, you dum­my! Garbage starts with a ‘B’!

Burg­er King
Grants Pass, Ore­gon