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Cracked Rear View

Woman #1: Hey, you look good.
Woman #2: Thanks! I’ve been working out… Wanna feel my ass? [Protrudes her rear.] 

Arlington, Texas

Overheard by: AmadeusMaxwell

That’s So Cute

Lady: … So she goes, ‘I don’t even know if it counts as sex. It was just, like, in and out in one second.’ And she’s only fifteen!

Restaurant, Belltown
Seattle, Washington

Overheard by: of bugle be uncouth

The Castration Can’t Have Helped Any of That

Woman #1: I think my new cat is different.
Woman #2: What do you mean by different?
Woman #1: I’m pretty sure he’s metro-sexual, because he meows like a girl.
Woman #2: It could be worse.
Woman #1: Well, I don’t know — I’m fairly sure he has abandonment issues, too.

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