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When You Lo­cate the Con­trols Of Your Space­craft

Quirky les­bian pro­fes­sor lead­ing class in Kegel ex­er­cis­es: And every­body squeeze, hold, hold…release and squeeze, two, three…release.
Ditzy In­di­an, af­ter shiv­er spasm: It gives me the willies!
Quirky les­bian pro­fes­sor: It’s great, right!

Health Ed Class
Bor­ough of Man­hat­tan Com­mu­ni­ty Col­lege, New York

Over­heard by: Try­ing not to laugh at all the se­ri­ous faces try­ing to hide these pri­vate ex­er­cis­es

Toast­ing with Re­al­ly Large Steins of Beer?

Les­bian to girl­friend: … That was back when I was dat­ing this phar­ma­cist and my sis­ter-in-law de­cid­ed to start this ru­mor that both of us were in­to this thing… [makes sub­tle fist­ing mo­tion].

El­e­va­tor, Pen­rose Hos­pi­tal
Col­orado Springs, Col­orado

How to Gain Great Face in a Sushi Restau­rant

Wait­er: Does any­one have a green Fire­bird?
20-some­thing les­bian: I do, why?
Wait­er: It’s on fire in the park­ing lot!
(20-some­thing les­bian and girl­friend go out­side and re­turn ten min­utes lat­er)
Wait­ress: Is every­thing okay?
20-some­thing les­bian, mat­ter of fact­ly: Yeah, my car just caught fire. Can we have an­oth­er plate?
Girl­friend, un­af­fect­ed: Al­so, she or­dered tem­pu­ra.

Sushi Gar­den
Tuc­son, Ari­zona