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Now Tom Cruise Has It

White-haired 60-something lady on cell: I can't live there anymore. (pause) No, it's not that. She's trying to force her Scientology on me. (pause) Oh, you didn't know? Yeah, she's not a lesbian anymore. She joined Scientology to change her from being lesbian. (pause) They made her lesbian side go away.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Friends First Is the Only Way to Go With the Godhead

Orange-shirted Lutheran youth: I feel something…
Overcompensating Lutheran chaperon: What did you feel? Is it inside? Maybe it's Jesus. (pause) Is Jesus talking to you? What did he say? (waves hands in air) Praise Jesus!
Orange-shirted Lutheran youth: I think he said you should stop telling people he touches them.

New Orleans, Louisiana

Overheard by: Untouched