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…Isn’t This Fun?

Little girl, excitedly building snowman: Mommy, look, look! This could be his hat!
Mother: No, Shelly.
Little girl, dejectedly: But mommy…
Mother, exasperated: No! It’s not even proportionate to the snowman!

Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Only in Boston…

No Wonder It’s Spreading So Fast

Teen #1 coming out of arrival gate to friend: So, when do we start coughing, sneezing and squealing to freak people out?
Teen #2: Dude, people with the swine flu don’t squeal!
Teen #1: Then why the hell do they call it that?
Teen #2, jokingly: Because you have to fuck a pig to get it?
Teen #1, seriously: Well, that makes sense!

Logan Airport
Boston, Massachusetts

Most Emmy Winners Would’ve Preferred That Too

Moody college girl on phone: No, I have to go the macro class right now and pretend to be a Republican. If you don’t agree with the professor, you’re wrong.
Moody college girl: Yeah, if I can pull this off I deserve an Emmy, or an Oscar. Hell, I’ll take a cookie!

Northeastern University
Boston, Massachusetts