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Leave Jay Manuel Alone, Al­ready.

Teen boy #1: He’s gay.
Teen boy #2: No, he is­n’t.
Teen girl: He’s just or­ange!
Teen boy #2, laugh­ing: “Or­ange” is­n’t a sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion.
Teen boy #1, laugh­ing so hard he’s cry­ing: I was just think­ing that.
Teen boy #2: Hes like, an Oom­pa-Loom­pa. He’s al­ways so mean ’cause he’s tall, they re­ject­ed him be­cause he was dif­fer­ent.

New York City, New York

Good to Know Fast Food Joints Are Just As Classy Out­side the U.S.

Crazy hobo in Mc­Don­ald’s line: Does the McDu­p­lo come with fries?
Mc­work­er: On­ly if you get the com­bo. Would you like the com­bo?
Crazy hobo in Mc­Don­ald’s line: Son of a bitch! This is Mc­Don­ald’s. I want fries with my fuck­ing sand­wich. [he throws up on the floor, then walks away muttering.]Mcworker to oth­er mc­work­er: I wish I was dead.

Be­lo Hor­i­zonte