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…Which Is a Great Lead-In to My Lecture on Gonorrhea

Blonde girl: I hate horror movies, because then I get scared that those things are going to happen, cause they really do happen.
Teacher: You can’t live your life like that! Those things are really rare! Like, I’ve been in all sorts of sketchy situations, and I’m still here.
Guy: You’re just too sheltered.
Teacher: Like, when I was in Rwanda, this guy was giving us a ride and he was like “do you want to stay overnight at my house?” and we were like “okay,” and I immediately regretted that one…


Who We Are As Kids Is Who We Are in Life

Friend #1: Do you remember when we were little and I used to show the neighbor’s boys my boobs so they’d give me candy? Bet you’re glad I stopped doing that!
Friend #2: What are you talking about? The only thing that’s changed is your form of payment! You just finished telling everyone not two minutes ago how last week you won $200 on amateur’s night when you went to the strip club with the guys!

Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Though I’ve Always Found the Growling Very Alluring

Plain Jane: Finish eating, so we can go outside!
Goth girl: Quit bossing me around! I just got out of line five minutes ago; it’s not my fault that it’s 12:45 and I’ve only eaten half of my lunch!
Popular boy to goth girl: I don’t think I’ve ever heard you speak before.

School Cafeteria
El Paso, Texas