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Doctor: Works Every Time

Cheerleader: So, I had this problem with peeing and I visited a doctor.
Friend: What did he say?
Cheerleader: You can’t imagine… He wanted to see the effect, so I had to pee in front of him while he’s watching me doing it!
Friend: Wow. I would freak out if that happened to me.

Classroom, Montana State University
Bozeman, Montana

Overheard by: Awesome Naveed

Just Use the Other End

Drunk hetero: You’re gay, he’s gay, so what’s the problem?
Drunk queer: He just threw up all over himself.
Drunk hetero: You take what you can get.

The White Front Bar
Philipsburg, Montana

Yahoo Fetish Groups: “Ahem– “Nobody”?”

Passenger #1: I broke up with my woman because she spends all her money on crack…she crazy.
Passenger #2: Ah, that’s no good.
Passenger #1: I know…and pretty soon she gonna run out of money.
Passenger #2: Really?
Passenger #1: Yeah, I told her too many times ain’t nobody gonna want a senior citizen as a prostitute.
Passenger #2: Damn.

Greyhound Bus