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Doc­tor: Works Every Time

Cheer­leader: So, I had this prob­lem with pee­ing and I vis­it­ed a doc­tor.
Friend: What did he say?
Cheer­leader: You can’t imag­ine… He want­ed to see the ef­fect, so I had to pee in front of him while he’s watch­ing me do­ing it!
Friend: Wow. I would freak out if that hap­pened to me.

Class­room, Mon­tana State Uni­ver­si­ty
Boze­man, Mon­tana

Over­heard by: Awe­some Naveed

Just Use the Oth­er End

Drunk het­ero: You’re gay, he’s gay, so what’s the prob­lem?
Drunk queer: He just threw up all over him­self.
Drunk het­ero: You take what you can get.

The White Front Bar
Philips­burg, Mon­tana

If Your Ed­i­tors Had a Sham­Wow, We Would Use It Every Day

Frat boy #1: Oh, dude, a Sham­Wow! (to friend at counter) Hey, should we get a Sham­Wow?
Frat boy #2, with­out look­ing at him: No.
Frat boy #1: But it’s a Sham­Wow!
Frat boy #2: You’re an id­iot. (long pause) Fine, get the fuck­ing Sham­Wow.
Frat boy #1: (ex­cit­ed­ly runs Sham­Wow over to counter)
Frat boy #2: Fuck.

Pet’s Mart, Mon­tana

Over­heard by: Sadie

Ya­hoo Fetish Groups: “Ahem– “No­body”?”

Pas­sen­ger #1: I broke up with my woman be­cause she spends all her mon­ey on crack…she crazy.
Pas­sen­ger #2: Ah, that’s no good.
Pas­sen­ger #1: I know…and pret­ty soon she gonna run out of mon­ey.
Pas­sen­ger #2: Re­al­ly?
Pas­sen­ger #1: Yeah, I told her too many times ain’t no­body gonna want a se­nior cit­i­zen as a pros­ti­tute.
Pas­sen­ger #2: Damn.

Grey­hound Bus