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Too Late!

Girl, trying to measure three different spring pans: How are you going to measure that?
Guy: To be honest, I'm thinking about the size of my penis.
Girl: Um…
Guy: I think this one is the one that's seven inches.
Girl: Uh…
Guy: If anyone asks, I never did this.

Jersey City, New Jersey

She May Have Put Her Pie on Your Pie

Roommate #1 looking at crater-filled pie in freezer: Dude, what did you do to this pie?
Roommate #2: Me and Erin* kinda went at it…
Roommate #3: Oh, yeah? What else did you guys do?
Roommate #2: …with a spoon.

Bayonne, New Jersey

Finally Got That Aerosmith Roadie Gig?

Roomie #1: I wonder what ever happened to James*. I mean, we haven’t seen him since fifth grade. I hope he’s not in a mental home or something — him and his weird mom. Maybe he’s finally doing what he’s always wanted to do: work with dinosaurs.
Roomie #2: Yeah, or living with them.
Roomie #1: That is sooo true.

Montclair State University
Montclair, New Jersey

Overheard by: i love dinosaurs