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You Haven't Lived 'Til You've Seen Me Applaud with Them.

Cute girl: I have great tits!
Gay friend, skeptically: I guess they're nice…
Cute girl: No, really. Each of my last four boyfriends or longish-term hookup buddies were ass-men when they met me, and by the time we split, they'd each been converted to boob-men.
Gay friend, still skeptical: That may just mean your ass isn't great.
Cute girl: Damn, you're so cup-half-empty. My ass is great. My tits are just phenomenal.

Manhattan, New York

Turkeys: Damn Right!

Brunette: Hold up — I just want to grab some turkey.
Redhead: Why?
Brunette: … So I can make a turkey sandwich?
Redhead: Yeah, I know, but we have chicken back home.
Brunette: Uh-huhhh — and I want a turkey sandwich.
Redhead: It’s the same thing.
Brunette: No. No, it’s not.
Redhead: Alright, then what’s the difference?
Brunette: … One’s a fucking turkey.

Long Island Super Market
Long Island, New York

Why Stupid People Will Always Outnumber Smart People: Explained

Teen girl #1: You know, I wish we had some sort of pregnancy switch that we can turn on and off at will. That way, when we have one night stands, we can just turn 'em off, and, voila! No baby!
Teen girl #2: We do. They're called diagrams.
Teen girl #3: You mean “diaphragms.”
Teen girl #2: Whatever.

Manhattan, New York

Overheard by: Leila

…Question Mark.

Teen: I couldn't tell if he meant “stop, exclamation point,” “don't, exclamation point,” or if he meant “don't stop, exclamation point.”
Friend: What did you do?
Teen: Look, that handjob wasn't going to finish itself, and I have a reputation, so I had no choice.
Friend: You're a goddamn trooper.

Syracuse Mall
Syracuse, New York

Overheard by: Just Exclaming!

And Why’s Her Brother Waving Happily from the Pool?

Drunk girl: Hey. Hey! Everyone be quiet for a second — I want to make a toast. I just want to remind everyone why we’re here, and that’s because my brother finally shit successfully.
Drunk guy: What the fuck did she just say?

House party
Holbrook, New York

Overheard by: pc

My Mom Is So Not the Boss of Me

Guy on cell, buying whipped cream, 24-pack of beer, and box of condoms: I am so over that bitch. Yeah, tonight is gonna be great! Finally, a night where I can do whatever I want without her bitching about it. Yeah, come over whenever. And bring some friends.

Grocery store
Syracuse, New York