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We Can, but They’re Kin­da Like Taffy

Nurse: Okay, it’s time to push the ba­by out. Take a deep breath, hold it, and push! One, two, three… That was an awe­some push! I want you to do the same thing with the next con­trac­tion, okay?
Ba­by dad­dy: Why are you mak­ing her do this?
Nurse: Um­mm, to get the ba­by out.
Ba­by dad­dy: Are you kid­ding me? How long do you ex­pect her to do it?
Nurse: Un­til the ba­by comes out.
Ba­by dad­dy: This is the dumb­est thing I’ve ever heard! Can’t you just pull it out or some­thing?

La­bor and De­liv­ery unit
Bak­ers­field, Cal­i­for­nia