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The Long-Awaited Follow-up to “My Humps”

Little girl #1 (holding a Patrick Star toy): Mommy, mommy! Can I get this?
Scary mom: No.
Little girl #1: Why?
Scary mom: Because last time we bought one of those was the day you had your seizure.
Little girl #1 (running around the store and flapping her arms): My seizure, my seizure!
Little girl #2 (also running and flapping): Your seizure, your seizure!

Kings Island, Ohio

The Casino?

Volleyball girl: How come you have a painting of a football helmet on the wall but nothing for us?
Athletic trainer: I don’t know. Maybe I’ll paint something for you guys.
Volleyball girl: Yeah! You should paint a whole mirage!

Gustavus Adolphus College