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…Learned That the Hard Way.

Girl: Oh my god, I love their deep-fried mac and cheese balls!
Boy: I got some fried mac and cheese balls for you.
Girl: Tommy, if you tried to dip your balls in a deep fryer, they would probably fall off.
Boy: No they wouldn’t.
Waiter, passing by quickly: Yes they would!

Cheesecake Factory
Kettering, Ohio

…Drugs? It’s Drugs, Right?

Dumb brunette #1: Well, he likes Sarah and Matt…
Dumb brunette #2: They don’t count, everyone likes them!
Dumb brunette #1: Well, my boyfriend doesn’t like any of my friends, then. I don’t really like any of my friends.
Smart, older blonde walking by: Well, dear, there’s a simple solution to that.
Dumb brunette #1: Oh? What is it?

University Library, Kent State
Kent, Ohio