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Feared I Might In­ad­ver­tent­ly Be­come a Les­bian

Girl #1: I know for a fact this year is go­ing to be way bet­ter than last year.
Girl #2: Why’s that?
Girl #1: Be­cause this year I ac­tu­al­ly have de­sign­er clothes. Last year I didn?t have any, and I was so un­hap­py!

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I Just Want to Be Close to Some­body Who’ll Leave Me Alone

Chick: … So then he start­ed talk­ing about feel­ings and stuff, and how we on­ly have sex and we nev­er talk any­more! [Friend nods.] Like, some­times af­ter we do it he tries to cud­dle with me, and all I can think about is, ‘Damn, I re­al­ly just want to sleep…’ So, do I break up with him?

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Mir­ror, Mir­ror on the Hill/ Who’s the Slut­ti­est at McGill?

Girl #1: You are def­i­nite­ly slut­ti­er than I am!
Girl #2: No way. You are!
Girl #1: You are sleep­ing with two guys!
Girl #2: You sleep with guys and don’t call them back…ever.
Girl #1: Is that slut­ty?–800-big-slut/

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