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Jim­my, If a Cow Got the Chance, He’d Eat You and Every­one You Care About

Guy #1: Hey, do you think that if an­i­mals could talk and were as smart as us, we would get along?
Guy #2: I think so… Ac­tu­al­ly, maybe not li­ons. They’re pret­ty crazy.
Guy #1: Yeah, we’d prob­a­bly have to lock up all the li­ons and bears.
Guy #2: Damn, bears. Al­most for­got.

Over­heard by: ryan

April: Ac­tu­al­ly, I Was Bon­ing Do­natel­lo

Chick #1: Have I ever told you how much I hate Sex and the City?
Chick #2: Yes.
Chick #1: I just think that if women are go­ing to base their lives around a TV show, it should be a cool­er one… like Nin­ja Tur­tles.
Chick #2: You’re right.
Chick #1: April O’Neil was a good role mod­el. She was in­ter­est­ed in re­port­ing the truth and wear­ing yel­low jump­suits. And nail­ing Casey Jones. He was hot.