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And Should I Be Buy­ing One Im­me­di­ate­ly?

Yale po­lo play­er #1: What are all those peo­ple do­ing on old cam­pus?
Yale po­lo play­er #2: Prob­a­bly “Soc­cer for Dar­fur” or some­thing. I hate fake ac­tivism like that.
Yale po­lo play­er #3: You mean “S’­mores for Dar­fur,” right?
Yale po­lo play­er #1: I keep hear­ing that word, “Dar­fur.” What does it even mean?

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What the Song “Twist and Shout” Re­al­ly Means

Din­ing hall work­er: When I got my nip­ples pierced I had an or­gasm when the guy was do­ing the left one.
Stu­dent: Re­al­ly? How did that hap­pen?
Din­ing hall work­er: When he clamped it I just told him to keep twist­ing that shit, and 20 min­utes lat­er I had an or­gasm. It was a lit­tle Chi­nese man who did it…I bet his lit­tle un­cir­cum­cised dick was all bonered out and shit.

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You Re­al­ly Do Get a Lit­tle Some­thing Ex­tra at the Ivies

Diminu­tive Asian girl: Well, I think that…
Eng­lish pro­fes­sor: Is­n’t “Balls!” such a great ex­pres­sion? It’s just so… you know… I give you all per­mis­sion to in­ter­ject and in­ter­rupt this class by shout­ing “Balls!” at any time for the rest of the year. Sor­ry, go ahead with your com­ment.
Diminu­tive Asian girl: Well, I think that…
Eng­lish pro­fes­sor: Balls!

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