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Pass the Bong Back to Me be­fore We Dis­cuss This Fur­ther

Bim­bette: There was racism be­cause when the Eng­lish were be­ing mean to the Irish peo­ple.
Dude: Um­mm, Eng­lish and Irish peo­ple are both Cau­casian. Tech­ni­cal­ly, they’re the same race.
Bim­bette: No, Irish peo­ple have red hair.
Inat­ten­tive TA: That’s an in­ter­est­ing point.

Over­heard at York

When the Veil Lifts, Re­veal­ing the Male Mys­tery

Girl: So, I was here yes­ter­day and there was this, like, gor­geous guy stand­ing in front of me. And then guess what he did? He let one go! Se­ri­ous­ly! It was­n’t qui­et, ei­ther — more like some­one rip­ping car­pet off a floor. I won­dered if he’d messed him­self… Gnarls Barkley again? Don’t they have any oth­er mixed tapes?

Stu­pid In­ter­net

Girl at hu­man­i­ties tu­to­r­i­al: Did we have to have works cit­ed for our es­say?
TA: Yes, you need to cite your sources.
Girl: That’s so un­fair! I can’t be pe­nal­ized just be­cause I did­n’t have works cit­ed!
TA: You need to cite your sources.
Girl: But what if I did­n’t have any sources?

Over­heard by: head­desk

If On­ly There Were Some Way to Lim­it How Many Can Reg­is­ter

Pro­fes­sor #1: Try­ing to crowd thir­ty-two stu­dents in­to a space meant for six­teen just is­n’t work­ing.
Pro­fes­sor #2: Oh, re­al­ly?
Pro­fes­sor #1: Is it at all pos­si­ble to have the room re­as­signed with­out wad­ing through the bu­reau­cra­cy?
Pro­fes­sor #2: No, and that’s why I al­ways as­sign the thick­est and most dif­fi­cult read­ings in the first two weeks.

Over­heard by: Ian

How to Nev­er Do It Again. Ever.

Chick #1: So, what was it like? Would you do it again?
Chick #2: Kind of like a hot dog… I was so hun­gry…
Chick #1: Ewww!
Chick #1: I just want­ed to bite down, y’­know?