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Al­so, In­stead of Lab Equip­ment, I’ve Pur­chased My­self Ex­tra Scotch

Poli-Sci pro­fes­sor putting a pic­ture of a pan­da bear on over­head pro­jec­tor: Well, nor­mal­ly we’d talk about the syl­labus right now, but our de­part­men­t’s so cheap they could­n’t print a syl­labus for each of you, so I’ll show you a pic­ture of a pan­da in­stead.

Then We Had a Good Laugh and Made Sweet, Pas­sion­ate Love

Hun­gover guy: Man, I got so fucked up last night. The last thing I re­mem­ber was walk­ing in­to the bath­room. And then this morn­ing I woke up to the sound of some­one yelling “Who the fuck are you?” So, nat­u­ral­ly, I re­spond­ed with, “Well, who the fuck are you!?” and then I looked around and said, “Wait… yeah, I might be in the wrong place.” And the guy goes, “Wait, no, I think I might be in the wrong place.”