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Which Is Why Ju­rors Can Re­late to Them

Ev­i­dence pro­fes­sor: You re­al­ly have no idea how stu­pid crim­i­nal de­fen­dants are. Imag­ine the stu­pid­est per­son you went to high school with. Now, imag­ine a per­son that your stu­pid high school bud­dy would con­sid­er stu­pid. That’s your crim­i­nal de­fen­dant.

Over­heard by: kw

The Tele­path­ic Com­mu­ni­ca­tion Ex­cep­tion

Ev­i­dence prof, about hearsay ex­cep­tions: When Le­bron James makes a three at the end of a game, is it a state­ment? He’s not ac­tu­al­ly say­ing any­thing. Ac­tu­al­ly, of­ten when I go to games there is a woman with Downs Syn­drome who sits be­hind me. She’s a love­ly woman… She thinks the play­ers are talk­ing to her.

… Mi­nus

Third year law stu­dent #1 as as­sign­ment is hand­ed back: I got a ‘Good.‘
Third year law stu­dent #2: I got a ‘Drop out of law school.’

No, I Mean You Per­son­al­ly

Third-year stu­dent #1: So, I asked her if her hus­band still showed her af­fec­tion, and she said, ‘Yes, he brings me flow­ers.‘
Third-year stu­dent #2: Sad­ly, that’s not re­al­ly the rel­e­vant ques­tion.
Third-year stu­dent #3: Se­ri­ous­ly. The re­al ques­tion is, ‘Are you get­ting head?’