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But Pitch This to the Amer­i­cans — They’ll Love It!

La­dy on cell: Yes, I need to know what kind of an ex­hi­bi­tion it will be, oth­er­wise I’m not go­ing to run it… Well, I’m not in­ter­est­ed in peo­ple burp­ing on each oth­er or feel­ing each oth­er up — that’s just a lit­tle weird… Well, yes, it makes up a part of my per­son­al­i­ty too, but not a very large or im­por­tant one.

Uni­veristy of Mel­bourne

Movies to Fuck To

Guy look­ing at pic­ture of Daniel Craig mod­el­ing watch­es: Did you ever get to see Casi­no Royale? What did you think?
Chick: I don’t re­al­ly know. I was kin­da too busy hav­ing sex dur­ing it.

I Like the Col­ors in My LSD Trip to Ar­rive in a Pre­dictable Se­quence

Young woman: Some­times I feel like I’m in the sev­en­ties.
Friend: What? Why?
Young woman: Well, I mean… It’s usu­al­ly just when I look at stop­lights, like the yel­low ones.

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