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He Asked Me on a Date!

Guy: I de­cid­ed I would do a lit­tle so­cial ex­per­i­ment. So I went to the gas sta­tion and bought a choco­late muf­fin and sat down out­side the door. Then this guy passed me, so I shoved the muf­fin in my mouth and start­ed singing “What if God Was One of Us,” with lit­tle pieces of the muf­fin falling out of my mouth. It was great.

Over­heard by: julie

The Lassie “E! True Hol­ly­wood Sto­ry” Was Too Con­tro­ver­sial for TV

40-some­thing suit: You know how some­times you can love a dog so much it’s, like, il­le­gal?
40-some­thing woman: (looks at him blankly)
40-some­thing suit: You know? So that it’s, like, il­le­gal?
40-some­thing woman, look­ing straight ahead: Umm, let’s look at Hal­loween can­dy.

Over­heard by: I love my dog, but not that much

It Did­n’t.

20-ish girl on cell: So, they said it’s not ring­worm — it’s some kind of skin virus that looks like ring­worm. And they said I’m re­al­ly lucky be­cause so far it’s on­ly on my back and stom­ach, not, like, my whole body and face. The tests come back on Fri­day, but they said it’s prob­a­bly re­al­ly con­ta­gious. I just hope it goes away be­fore my trip to Mi­a­mi!

Over­heard by: sooooo glad I did­n’t sit next to her