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I’m Like, “Look at All These Dish­es– What’s Your Prob­lem?”

Drunk 40-year-old dude #1, stand­ing in line for the bath­room: Well, there are four sinks. We on­ly need two with the num­ber of peo­ple I’ve seen wash their hands.
Drunk 40-year-old dude #2: Yeah. There was this one time I was pee­ing in the sink at home, and my wife walked in. She was pissed. Good times.

Over­heard by: slight over­share

Es­pe­cial­ly If It’s Not the Hair on Your Head

Teenage boy #1: I just get so ner­vous when she touch­es me, man. I think I’m ready to tell her how I feel.
Teenage boy #2: No, no, no, dude! Wait till she plays with your hair. When she plays with your hair, that’s love.

Over­heard by: a sure sign

I Need a Des­ig­nat­ed Thinker

Girl on cell: It’s not that I don’t want to get wast­ed. I want to get wast­ed. I just don’t want to get fucked up, you know? So I’m not re­al­ly sure what to do.

Over­heard by: I have that dilem­ma of­ten