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Best Tofu, Though

Whiny girl: Oh my god, that chicken is terrible!
Hipster chick: That’s because it’s tofu.
Whiny girl: Yeah, worst chicken ever.

Overheard by: sarafist

Get in Line

Father to crying son holding Spider-Man card: That damn Tobey Maguire is ruining my life!

Overheard by: artwork

You Never Told Me That!

Blonde #1: I think it’s good we called off the wedding.
Blonde #2: Yeah, marriage probably wasn’t the best idea.
Blonde #1: I wonder if I would’ve actually gone through with it.
Blonde #2: Do you seriously think you would have?!
Blonde #1: Well, maybe…
Blonde #2: But he slept with me right after he proposed to you!
Blonde #1: Yeah, I guess…
Blonde #2: And he went up my ass!

Overheard by: juniper