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You Nev­er Told Me That!

Blonde #1: I think it’s good we called off the wed­ding.
Blonde #2: Yeah, mar­riage prob­a­bly was­n’t the best idea.
Blonde #1: I won­der if I would’ve ac­tu­al­ly gone through with it.
Blonde #2: Do you se­ri­ous­ly think you would have?!
Blonde #1: Well, maybe…
Blonde #2: But he slept with me right af­ter he pro­posed to you!
Blonde #1: Yeah, I guess…
Blonde #2: And he went up my ass!

Over­heard by: ju­niper

Best To­fu, Though

Whiny girl: Oh my god, that chick­en is ter­ri­ble!
Hip­ster chick: That’s be­cause it’s to­fu.
Whiny girl: Yeah, worst chick­en ever.

Over­heard by: sarafist

It’s Like Pin­no­chio’s Nose

Woman #1: Well, you know, we’re screwed ei­ther way. Whether Oba­ma or that oth­er guy with the lump on the side of his face wins.
Woman #2: Mc­Cain?
Woman #1: Yeah! I mean, he turns one way and it’s just all… (us­es hands to demon­strate) There! What the fuck is that?

Over­heard by: kris.