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But More Ex­pen­sive

Guy: You guys should get her a vi­bra­tor for her birth­day.
Girl #1: Or we could just find her a man…
Girl #2: Nah… I think buy­ing a vi­bra­tor would be eas­i­er.

Turned Out She Did­n’t Feel Breeze

Girl #1: Uhh…is some­one gonna tell girl­friend over there her g‑string is show­ing?
Girl #2: How does she not know? I don’t know about every­one else, but I feel breeze!
Girl #1: I feel breeze!
Girl #2: Can’t she feel breeze?
Girl #1: She has to feel breeze!

Over­heard by: Ian

The Tour­ing Pro­duc­tion of Hair­spray

Girl #1: I’m re­al­ly scared right now! What are they do­ing? They’re go­ing to break in­to some sort of big or­gy any sec­ond!
Girl #2: It looks like some sort of weird sac­ri­fi­cial dance!
Girl #3: Yeah, like they’re get­ting ready to sac­ri­fice a lamb!
Girl #2: Or a vir­gin!
Girl #1: Can they stop?! They’re giv­ing me goose­bumps! What are they do­ing?! Stop!