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Je­sus: No Way! I Am, Like, Twice That Size!

Girl #1: Y’­know, it kind of weirds me out when I have sex with my boyfriend. He looks like Je­sus.
Girl #2: Je­sus was­n’t Mex­i­can.
Girl #1: Yeah, yeah, but still — it’s like I’m hav­ing sex with Je­sus.
Girl #2: You should talk to your pas­tor about that.

Over­heard by: kather­ine

Oh, Great. An­oth­er Star­bucks Mug

La­dy #1: Oooh… These cups are so cute!
La­dy #2: Did you no­tice they have them set out on the dri­ve-through win­dow? Very smart. All the hus­bands who for­got to buy presents for their wives will be bring­ing home Star­bucks mugs to­day.
La­dy #1: Af­ter 21 years of mar­riage, I buy my own gifts.

Over­heard by: erin