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More of A Guide­line, Re­al­ly

Guy: She’s Irish, so I re­al­ly hope at some point she says: “Shut yer piehole!“
Girl: I could pay her ten bucks to say it, un­less that vi­o­lat­ed the pie hole code.
Guy: First rule of pie hole: There is no pie hole code.

Over­heard by: tim

Pre­sent­ing the Sov­er­eign Cure for Moral Up­lift

Chick: Well, as I was writ­ing this mas­sive doc­u­ment I kept think­ing about that thing about how you eat an ele­phant…
Dude: How?
Chick: One bite at a time.
Dude: Ah­hh. You know how you bury a gi­raffe?
Chick: No, how?
Dude: You cut it up with a chain­saw.
Chick: [Silence.]Dude: I saw pic­tures from the zoo when they had to cut one up.
Chick: They took pic­tures?!
Dude: Yeah… I’m not sure why.

Over­heard by: mk


Dude: He made out with a hook­er?! No one makes out with a hook­er! What was he think­ing?!

Over­heard by: j