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What?? It’s Not Like I Told Them About Your Giant, Hammy Thighs.

Little girl in next stall: But what if Old Faithful starts going while we’re not out there?
Girl’s mother: Well, you’ll have to pee really quickly so mommy can pee and then we can go.
Little girl: But you take a long time to pee.
Mother: Yes, I know.
Little girl: You take a long time to pee.
Mother: Well, thank you for announcing that to the entire bathroom.

Restroom, Old Faithful Inn
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

…Isn’t This Fun?

Little girl, excitedly building snowman: Mommy, look, look! This could be his hat!
Mother: No, Shelly.
Little girl, dejectedly: But mommy…
Mother, exasperated: No! It’s not even proportionate to the snowman!

Boston, Massachusetts

Overheard by: Only in Boston…