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In the Hamptons, That’s a Marriage Proposal

Guy from inside Port-A-Potty: Oh, shit, I just dropped my BlackBerry in there!
Friend: Oh, man, what are you gonna do?!
Guy: Well, somebody’s got to stick their hand in there!
Dude waiting in line: I think I’ll use the other one. I don’t want to be the first person to piss on your BlackBerry.

Rock the Farm Benefit
East Hampton, New York

That’s for Church

Four-year-old boy to group of mothers: Guess what!
Group: What?
Four-year-old boy, excited: I just peed standing up!
Boy’s father: That’s not something we tell people!

Children’s Room, Katonah Library
Katonah, New York

Overheard by: amused librarian

I’m Like, “Look at All These Dishes– What’s Your Problem?”

Drunk 40-year-old dude #1, standing in line for the bathroom: Well, there are four sinks. We only need two with the number of people I’ve seen wash their hands.
Drunk 40-year-old dude #2: Yeah. There was this one time I was peeing in the sink at home, and my wife walked in. She was pissed. Good times.

Overheard by: slight overshare