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Some­times Over the In­ter­com at Work, Just for Fun, But That’s It.

Girl in skirt: And so she was just sit­ting in the stall on her phone when I went in! She was hav­ing a nor­mal vol­ume con­ver­sa­tion.
Girl in pants: Ewww. What did you do?
Girl in skirt: I mean, I peed. But re­luc­tant­ly. It’s not like I want to broad­cast my bod­i­ly func­tions to every­one, you know? (pause) I mean I’m broad­cast­ing them to you right now, but not over the phone.
Girl in pants: Right. To­tal­ly.

Rockville Pike, Mary­land

That’s the Last Time We Par­ty with the Dean

Frat boy to friends: So, I look at him and think, “I’m not such a good friend that I’m gonna help him here.” He was halfway off his air mat­tress and his tighty whities were soaked with ei­ther sweat or urine
Friend #1: I’d have kept away too. I hope it was sweat.
Friend #2: Nah, dude. He’s a piss­er.

Brown Line Train
Chica­go, Illi­nois

Over­heard by: Jim