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Or Send Him to Sleep­away Camp

Mid­dle-aged guy #1: So, Hulk Hogan’s daugh­ter was what — 16 when that show start­ed? Now she must be 19, and she’s dat­ing a 30-year-old?
Mid­dle-aged guy #2: If you’re old enough to dri­ve when you’re 16 and you’re old enough to die for your coun­try when you’re 18, then you’re old enough to make your own de­ci­sions.
Mid­dle-aged guy #1: You know, half of those kids that died in World War II nev­er got to ex­pe­ri­ence life as we know it. They were all prob­a­bly 17-year-old vir­gins from Iowa.
Mid­dle-aged guy #2: Shit, if I had a kid, I’d take him to a whore­house in Texas as soon as he turned thir­teen.

18 bus
Seat­tle, Wash­ing­ton

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My Se­cret? I Like Forcible Sex

Drunk teen: Any­one could be a rapist… I could be a rapist, that la­dy with the bag could be a rapist… [La­dy with bag looks over, ap­palled.] Oh, well, I’m sure you are re­al­ly very nice!

King’s Cross Night Bus

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