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So “Lehman” Is Out?

Big-haired moth­er to friends: I like what Sarah Palin did with her kids’ names. I mean, I want to give my kids names that are cool, but noth­ing that would, you know, pre­vent them from be­ing busi­ness ma­jors.

San An­to­nio, Texas

Over­heard by: An East Coast Elit­ist

They’ll Make You Think, and Care

(lit­tle boy and moth­er pass bake sale)
Lit­tle boy: I wan­na cook­ie! I wan­na cook­ie! Can we please get a cook­ie?
Moth­er: You don’t want those cook­ies.
Lit­tle boy: What’s wrong with them?
Moth­er: Those are De­mo­c­rat cook­ies.

Bake Sale for Oba­ma Cam­paign
Chica­go, Illi­nois

Over­heard by: Jamie

Can You Pic­ture Martha Stew­art on a Pub­lic Bus?

Thug #1: Why the hell are you go­ing all the way to back of the train car? Why don’t we sit in the front like that Martha Stew­art woman?
Thug #2: What the fuck are you talk­ing about Martha Stew­art?
Thug #1: You know, she stood up for her­self on the bus? Wait, who was that? Not Martha Stew­art?

Or­ange Line at Down­town Cross­ing
Boston, Mass­a­chu­setts

Over­heard by: drunk­bi­girls