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The Au­to-Abor­tion Func­tion Would Be Op­tion­al

Loud black la­dy in long line: Girl, I know how you feel! Every time I try to buy a preg­nan­cy test, there got­ta be a big or­deal! The line too long, or there some­one you know.
Girl with preg­nan­cy test, em­bar­rassed and chuck­ling: Yeah…
Loud black la­dy: I wish I could just go in my toi­let, then push a but­ton and have my toi­let say, ‘Uh-huh, you preg­nant to­day!’

Van Wert, Ohio

Over­heard by: Woah, that’s not a bad idea…

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Brunette: And then he called me back ten min­utes lat­er and told me his broth­er got his girl­friend preg­nant, and she’s like six­teen or some­thing.
Blonde: Is he mad his broth­er and his girl­friend hooked up?
Brunette: He’s got more se­ri­ous is­sues dat­ing a child and shit.

Kent State Uni­ver­si­ty
Kent, Ohio