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From the New Testament Cutting-Room Floor

Queer: Oh my god, look, it’s Mary. Mary! Maaary!
Mary: Heyyy, bitches! What’s going on?
Queer: Did he love it, Mary? Did he absolutely love it? Where’s Basil? Where is Basil, Mary?
Mary: He’s in the bag, baby, he’s in the bag.

Union Station
Chicago, Illinois

Overheard by: Aly

Hello? Decepticons

Queer to fag hag, after Transformers preview: I thought they were, like, good guys…

Regal Cinemas
Greenville, South Carolina

Overheard by: Trying not to laugh hysterically

Let’s Just Say I Felt the Earth Move

Queer #1: I bruised my pelvis once during sex. It was the last time I had sex with a woman. Remember?
Queer #2: Right.
Queer #3: I don’t know this story.
Queer #1: Well, to be more exact, I woke up to having sex with a woman. Or, rather, I regained consciousness to discover a woman fucking me. That was the same day as the bulldozer.
Queer #2: You don’t have to say anything else for this to be a perfect story.
Queer #3: Wait… A bulldozer?

Wine bar
Baltimore, Maryland