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Bubbling Like Hot Oatmeal

Chick: … So she said, ‘Hey, look over here,’ and then she opened her gown and, like, all I saw were these weird big boobs…

Maryland Institute College of Art
Baltimore, Maryland

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Game, Set, Match

Flat-chested girl (grabbing box of energy bars): Here, get some of these for tomorrow.
Guy: I don’t know. Um… it says here that they’re for girls.
Flat-chested girl: Yeah, let’s get them.
Guy: But… Huh, well, haha, they’re not going to make me grow tits, are they?
Flat-chested girl, staring: Hasn’t worked for me.
Guy (putting box in carriage): Hm-mmm.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

My Manager Hardly Slaps My Ass Anymore

Hot girl with big boobs, to friend: Ugh… I shouldn’t have worn this shirt. [Lowers voice] Everyone’s looking…
Middle-aged cashier: You should appreciate them. I had a husband who would pop mine out at football games. It made me so angry, but now I’d love for someone to appreciate mine enough that he’d want to show the world my beauty.

Gainesville, Florida

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